First release- HL5311 ToyID e-Dice

The final version of HL5311 has eight operational modes, can easily be designed for 7-choose-1, 6-choose-1, 5-choose-1, 4-choose-1, 3-choose-1 and 2-choose-1 dice. This operation mode is selected by MS2, MS1, and MS0. Especially, HL5311 is supported to Multi-TAG operation. You can put more than 2 different dices at the same time and this combination result will also send to reader.

The Operation of e-Dice
When setting done the operation mode of HL5311, you can assign its transmission order chosen pins selected by A2-A0. That is means you could put up to 8 different e-Dices in the same antenna field. Each e-Dice in antenna field would send the “000” from the 3 most significant bits (A11-A9) of its ID, then start rolling. When rolling is done, the selected number would also be sent out from A11-A9.

For example, you want to make a “5-choose-1” e-Dice and its transmission order is 2. First set the [MS2, MS1, MS0] pins to [1, 0, 0], that is wiring these pins to VDD("1") or GND("0"). Secondly set the [A2, A1, A0] pins to [0, 1, 0]. Then set the [A8-A4] to its item code(0~31; give 31 for this e-Dice). A3 is default set “0” internal of HL5311.

When put this e-Dice in Reader’s antenna field, it would send 12-bit ID as [0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0] in the beginning. Then e-Dice starts rolling, the LED outputs LO1-LO5 drive low in turn by descending or ascending. When rolling done, if “3” was selected and HL5311 would send [0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0] several times.

The New Features of e-Dice


Apply HL5309 HF Reader IC to Your Toy with Rewritable Mifare Ultralight

The HL5309A is an economical single chip RFID Reader. The built-in 13.56 MHz clock oscillator and antennal driver can transmit power and data to RFID tags directly. The internal amplifiers provide sufficient gain to amplify the modulation signals transmitted by RFID tags with a few external components for digital data demodulation circuit in HL5309A at the data rate of 106 Kbit/s. The serial data interface transmitter of HL5309A is used to receive command data from external controller and to transmit the responded data to the controller. External controller can easily be used to access ISO/IEC 14443A RFID tag with HL5309A.

Or watch a demo movie on YOUTUBE.


Dahrma Fortune-Teller

This demo is base on HL5311 RFID electrical Dice with HL5612 touch pad application. You can ask Dahrma to tell your fortune by rolling the wheel pads.

We put HL5311 RFID electrical dice into "Dahrma" figure. This fortune e-Dice has 6 grades (大吉、吉、中吉、小吉、末吉、凶). When you decide to ask a question about "LOVE" or "FORTUNE", you can start to roll the pads in clockwise or anti-clockwise. The important thing is you must keep rolling in peace. After several turns, the "Dahrma" get enough power and starts to roll the fortune e-Dice. Finally, you will find how luckiness by lightening LED.

Or watch a demo movie on YOUTUBE.

The following is functional block diagram of this demo:


"七福神"(しちふくじん) were traditional seven lucky Gods in Japan. Japanese People believed that God will bless you when you visited and got the stamps from all 7 temples during the beginning of every new year.

This demo is used HL5308/HL5301 in Multi-Coil/Single-Tag application and HL5225 RGB LED driver. Each figure(God) has a HL5301 tag inside to represent his name and one specified color. For example, Ebisu (恵比寿): Tag-ID is 0xFFE1 and color is #0 for GREEN.

Or watch a demo movie on YOUTUBE.

Please refer to below: the functional block diagram of this demo.


HL5308 Multi-Coil Demo - Anpaman

HL5308 is easily to apply multiple antennas in different positions, and to detect the HL5301 or HL5302 Tag-ID.

Or watch a demo movie on YOUTUBE.

How to Lighten the Specified Tag

The trick of lightening different specified Tag (HL5303) is easily using by HL5308 reader. When Tag was appeared in the antenna field, HL5308 will first detect the Tag-ID then shine the HL5303 when it was close to antenna. As this characteristics, we could quick turn off the antenna power when got the wrong Tag-ID. It seems magic to lighten the specified Tag.

Colorful Magic Wand" was made by HL5308 Reader module and MCU, it could be detected specified color by Tag-ID. And lightening the HL5303 Tag by continually turn on antenna. Or turning off antenna when detected the wrong color(Tag-ID).

Or watch a demo movie on YOUTUBE.


How to setup the demo of HL5311

We modified the demo programs of ToyID Demo-Kit. Adding two Fighting and Normal demo modes to demonstrate HL5311 e-Dice features. The following movies show hot to used ToyID demo-kit to setup these demos.

HL5311 in Fighting Mode:
First, plug HL5308 reader module into reader port of demo board. Power on the demo board and select HL5308 demo program by press SET key.

Or watch a HL5311 - Fighting Mode on YOUTUBE.

HL5311 in Normal Mode:
To switch the demo program of HL5311 in normal mode, you need turn off power of demo board and turn on again. First choose HL5308 demo program, then press the DOWN key to enter the HL5311 normal mode.

Now, you can put any kind of dices into the antenna side. Demo board will light on the corresponding LED set. And when dice rolling done, demo board will display the result.

When dice in the field, you can press the RESET button to re-start rolling again. HL5311 is available for Multi-Tag Reading, two or more dices can play at the same time. Demo board can display these combinational results. You may use these features to develop more funny game and novelty figure in any toy application.

Or watch a HL5311 - Normal Mode on YOUTUBE.