How to setup the demo of HL5311

We modified the demo programs of ToyID Demo-Kit. Adding two Fighting and Normal demo modes to demonstrate HL5311 e-Dice features. The following movies show hot to used ToyID demo-kit to setup these demos.

HL5311 in Fighting Mode:
First, plug HL5308 reader module into reader port of demo board. Power on the demo board and select HL5308 demo program by press SET key.

Or watch a HL5311 - Fighting Mode on YOUTUBE.

HL5311 in Normal Mode:
To switch the demo program of HL5311 in normal mode, you need turn off power of demo board and turn on again. First choose HL5308 demo program, then press the DOWN key to enter the HL5311 normal mode.

Now, you can put any kind of dices into the antenna side. Demo board will light on the corresponding LED set. And when dice rolling done, demo board will display the result.

When dice in the field, you can press the RESET button to re-start rolling again. HL5311 is available for Multi-Tag Reading, two or more dices can play at the same time. Demo board can display these combinational results. You may use these features to develop more funny game and novelty figure in any toy application.

Or watch a HL5311 - Normal Mode on YOUTUBE.