Dahrma Fortune-Teller

This demo is base on HL5311 RFID electrical Dice with HL5612 touch pad application. You can ask Dahrma to tell your fortune by rolling the wheel pads.

We put HL5311 RFID electrical dice into "Dahrma" figure. This fortune e-Dice has 6 grades (大吉、吉、中吉、小吉、末吉、凶). When you decide to ask a question about "LOVE" or "FORTUNE", you can start to roll the pads in clockwise or anti-clockwise. The important thing is you must keep rolling in peace. After several turns, the "Dahrma" get enough power and starts to roll the fortune e-Dice. Finally, you will find how luckiness by lightening LED.

Or watch a demo movie on YOUTUBE.

The following is functional block diagram of this demo: